19 October 2010

Lois Lane Vintage

We here at Fred & Ginger Vintage are not in the habit of promoting other vintage labels but there are few that spring to mind that we will always support and eagerly encourage for you to check out.

The first one that springs to mind is Brooklyn based Lois Lane Vintage. Established in 2008, it is an online boutique that specialises in garments from the 1940's right through to the 1980's.

All garments are handpicked for their unique vintage style and detailing from London to New York.

What we love about Lois Lane Vintage is their specialisation in vintage reconstructions and customisations.

Their ability to transform something dowdy into something stunning is amazing!! Thus in turn making each garment 100% unique.

We LOVE Lois Lane Vintage!!!... and so should you... :o)

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Based in London, vintage enthusiast Simran, has carefully handpicked and selected a collection of vintage clothing and accessories for trendsetters and fashionistas. Each piece has been selected for style, wearability and quality, with a keen awareness for current trends.

She discovered her love for vintage at an early age and spent most of her childhood running around in her mothers hand me downs from the 60's and 70's.

Simran loves all things Rock 'n' Roll, Classic Cars, Fashion from the 50's 60's and 70's, Hip Hop from the 80's and 90's, Boys with Quiffs, Fashion Magazines, Photography, Old Hollywood/Bollywood films and many more.

Fred & Ginger Vintage pride themselves on giving their customers nothing but the best in items inspired by yesteryear's icons, our mothers wardrobes, the catwalks and the stylish blogging set.

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