09 November 2010

DEF London: Diamonds In The Sky Charity Fundraiser

Following successful fundraising events in New York City, the Hamptons, Dallas and Las Vegas, the Diamond Empowerment Fund presented its first event in London at The Banqueting Hall last night.

DEF London: Diamonds In The Sky was a benefit cocktail party and auction that brought together a unique mixture of the international diamond jewelry sector, London’s corporate, social and entertainment sectors, DEF supporters and we here at Fred & Ginger Vintage.

Honorary Event Chair Russell Simmons honoured two very special advocates for empowerment in Africa: Nicky Oppenheimer, chairman of DeBeers Group, and Peter Sands, Group Chief Executive, Standard Chartered Bank.

Founded by Russell Simmons along with other individuals in the diamond and jewelry industries and others who are committed to the empowerment of Africa, the non-profit Diamond Empowerment Fund’s mission is to raise money to support education initiatives that develop and empower economically disadvantaged people in African nations where diamonds are a natural resource.

Based in the United States since its establishment in 2007, D.E.F. has two named beneficiary organizations, CIDA City Campus and African Leadership Academy, both models for access to higher education in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Sixty percent of world’s diamonds come from Sub-Saharan Africa. In a land rich in diamonds, D.E.F.‘s goal is to help African’s most precious diamonds- its youth- have greater educational opportunities that lead to personal and economic empowerment.

Simmons Jewelry Co. created the Green Bracelet to symbolize and help support the efforts of  Diamond Empowerment Fund.

The “Green Bracelet” is the symbol of the Diamond Empowerment Fund. The rough diamond and malachite Green Bracelet was created by Simmons Jewelry Co. to help support educational initiatives that develop and empower people in African nations where diamonds are a natural resource.

Green has long been associated with the continent of Africa and its rich natural resources.

For example, Green is one of the three colors of Pan- Africanism represented in the flags of several countries.

For Simmons Jewelry Company, Green provides inspiration and reminds everyone of Africa’s most important natural resource, the human being.

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